Create Mac Bootable USB to Resize OS X El Capitan Partitions

Instructions on How To Create OS X EI Capitan bootable USB with Mac Partition Manager Software are as follow :

  • Free demo of the Partition Manager Software has been reported allowing users to evaluate all the features on the Mac hard drive. To execute these instructions, users are required to register the particular software.
  • Launch the full version of the Partition Manager Software on the OS X EI Capitan. Tap the Apple hard drive from the software interface. Now the user will be provided with the message ‘Create Bootable Disk Image’.┬áKindly tap the ‘Continue’ button to proceed.

  • Now a mini window will get appear namely ‘Create Bootable DMG’, suggesting users to have at least 8 GB of free spaces on their respective Mac hard drive for saving the DMG file. Here, kindly tap the ‘Create Image’ to proceed.

  • The ‘Create Image’ button upon getting tapped, asked the users to provide file path for saving the DMG file on the Mac hard drive. Now as mentioned, kindly give a suitable path including a good amount of free space (i.e., approximately 8GB) to save the file. Further define the path and then tap ‘Choose’.

  • Disk creation procedure of the Mac hard drive will begin. The process is shown in the set forth image.

  • Finally, the file namely ‘StellarBootImage.DMG’ will get saved at the chosen destination.

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