How To Create New Mac Partition : Simple Way To Create Mac Partition

Are you facing trouble creating a new partition on your Mac hard drive? Do you have no any idea about how to create new Mac partition? If yes, then you are lucky that you are on the right post. Read the complete to know how to create partition easily.

By creating new Partition on Mac Machine, you are allowed to divide hard disk space into multiple segments which you can use for your own specific purposes. Like you can save the movies in one segment and images in other segments. This enable to treat one physical and working drive as multiple free space. Initially to store the entire data of Mac user use single hard disk drive, but after creating partition on then you have options to store them into different volumes. So how to create new Mac partition. If your create new Mac partition then you will reduces the burden of saving files in single drive and enjoy saving the particular file in particular segments.

On saving files and data in one drive there is number of issue which you have face, suppose if the drive crash or you need to format the drive then you have to select all the files to make backup of it. But when you create partition on that drive then you have only to do format on the particular segment. There is no need to touch the other segment on which you don’t want to make format.

This is the reason why you need to create partition, so here the question how to create new Mac partition. Here is the solution which you need to follow while creating new partition on Mac system. Mac system provide single drive option, when you buy it. User itself need to create partition on the drive to make their own data safe and secure. So if you don’t want that due to one mistake you lose all your saved data then you must need to create partition on your Mac system. So how to create new Mac partitioned let’s learn from the following steps.

How To Create New Mac Partition :

If you wan to create new partition on your Mac hard drive then you need to follow these steps :

  • Select Apple Menu >> Then Restart the Mac system.
  • Hold down Command (⌘) and R key simultaneously when computer restart.
  • After the Apple Logo appear on the screen you may release the keys.
  • Now select Disk Utility option and click on Continue.
  • Click Partition on the disk on which you want to do partition.
  • Here choose the desired number of partition which you need to create.
  • Click on each created partition and name it as per you need.
  • You can choose volume size on which you want to save the data and also choose it’s format.
  • Click Apply.

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