Easy Steps To Partition Mac Sierra, El Capitan Hard Drive

Partitioning a Mac Sierra, El Capitan hard drive basically divides the storage devices into individual partitions, which are further listed as separate volumes under the Devices section in the Finder sidebar. One might require this partition for the purpose of installing multiple operating systems in a single hard drive or to modify the device’s format.

Creating new partitions on a device with at least one volume containing data, in a case if do have some space available in it, is literally a quite simple task and can get done via two ways i.e., Boot Camp Assistant (method basically utilize to set-up Windows in a new partition) and through Disk Utility. According to expert, regarding any purpose other than setting up a multi boot system, Disk Utility is an ultimate option for Mac partition.

Steps On How to partition a hard drive mac sierra, El Capitan without losing data Using Disk Utility

First of all make selection of the device in the sidebar and then tap Partition button.

Internal storage devices generally get appeared under the Internal section in the sidebar whereas on the other hand external devices get appeared under the External section in the sidebar.

So, at the instant of time when one do make selection of a volume having data already present in it, the pie chart displays a shaded area representing the quantity of data on the particular volume along with an unshaded area displaying the quantity of free space available for the another volume. Here Disk Utility also notifies that whether the volume can be eradicated or resized.

In a case if a small volume with an asterisk get noticed, then it means that the partition is smaller and can get represented at the correct scale in the chart.

Now further in the next step, tap the Add button.

Disk Utility has been notified splitting the volume into two i.e., leaving the data in one volume and then creating a new, empty volume. In a case if the existing volume is less than the half-full, then in that situation the utility generates two volume of equal size. It otherwise generates one volume large enough for the existing data and the another one regarding the remaining space. Now here depending on the space available, one can create multiple volumes via making selection of the new partition and then tapping the Add button.

Next tap each volume in the pie chart on the left and then enter a name for it.

Note : For MS-DOS (FAT) and ExFAT volumes, the names must be eleven characters or less.

  • Input the size or drag the divider for increasing or decreasing the size of each volume.

  • Regarding each volume, tap the Format pop-up menu and then make selection of a particular format.

  1. Mac OS Extended (Journaled) : Utilizes the Mac format (Journaled HFS Plus) for protecting the integrity of the hierarchical file system.
  2. Mac OS Extended (Journaled, Encrypted) : Utilizes the Mac format, need a password and encrypts the partition.
  3. Mac OS Extended (Case-sensitive, Journaled) : Make usage of the Mac format. It is case sensitive to file and folder names.
  4. Mac OS Extended (Case-sensitive, Journaled, Encrypted) : Utilizes Mac format and is case sensitive to the folder names, needs a password and enciphers the volume.
  5. MS-DOS (Fat) : Utilize for Windows volumes which are 32 GB or less.
  6. ExFAT – Use regarding Windows volume which are over than 32 GB.

Tap Apply

Tap Show Details to view the step-by-step procedure of creating a new volume.

Tap Done, at the time when Disk Utility accomplishes volume creation procedure.

Now upon the completion of the hard drive mac sierra, El Capitan partitioning procedure, an icon for each volume will get appeared in both the Disk Utility sidebar and the Finder sidebar.

For More details: https://support.apple.com/kb/PH22240?locale=en_US

Hopefully the aforementioned steps will work efficiently in partitioning a hard drive mac sierra, El Capitan without losing data but in an unfortunate case if do not then in that critical situation you are kindly advised not to get panic as here we are with an alternative method i.e., Partition Magic Manager Software. This software being programmed with tons of highly advance as well as efficient algorithmic skills do included potential of creating, deleting, formating, hiding/revealing and resizing the partitions in the Mac Sierra, El Capitan hard drive in a hassle free manner. Experts notifies this software basically meant to manage the user’s Mac partitions including Boot Camp and thus optimizes the hard drive performance.

Partition Magic Manager Software has been reported harmonious with almost all the latest versions of Mac OS such as OS X 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, 10.11 and macOS Sierra 10.12.

Instructions on How to partition a hard drive mac sierra, El Capitan without losing data Using Mac Partition Manager Software

  • Download and run the Partition Magic Manager Software. Now the main interface will list all the hard drives attached to the system. Make selection of the hard drive, in which a new partition is to get created and then tap ‘Add’ button from the tool bar.

Note : For creating a new partition on the Boot Drive, the software will prompt the users to create a bootable disc, via which one can boot the system and make the required partition.

  • The ‘Add New Volume’ dialog box will get appeared. Give the Volume Name and then specify the volume size utilizing the slider. Then after tap ‘OK’ button.

  • Next the new operation will automatically get added to the ‘Task to do’ list. Here tap ‘Start’ button on the tool bat for initializing the partition creation process.

  • Further, a message box will get displayed along with a message asking users to take back-up of the user’s vital data before starting the procedure. Here tap ‘Continue’ for creating/adding the new partition.

  • Lastly, upon the completion of the entire process, a message box will get displayed. Here one can see the new partition in the drive along with several other partitions.


How To Partition Mac Sierra, El Capitan Hard Drive Using Paragon Partition Mac Software (Optional)

Paragon Partition Manager Software has been referred as one of the most comprehensive as well as ideal system and data management solution for Mac. Being programmed with numerous highly effective technical skills this particular software ensures the users of furnishing them with everything that is required regarding perfect partitioning such as powerful backup, flexible recovery functions, trustworthy data wiping algorithms and much more.

Working Algorithm of Paragon Partition Magic Software

  • First of all download and install Paragon Partition Magic Software. Now two tabs namely ‘Disks and Partitions’ and ‘Backup and Restore’ will get appeared. Make selection of ‘Disks and partitions’.

  • Now select Mac partitions to backup.

  • A window will get appeared stating “Enter a new label for the incremental backup”. Here input ‘Increment’.

  • Switch to ‘Backup and Restore’ and make selection of archive database from the displayed list.

A list of Restore type will get displayed. Here make selection of one restore scenario i.e.,

Restore to original location

Restore any combination of disks or partitions to it’s original location.

Select Mac partition to restore.

Next create HFS+ partition.

Create exFAT partition.

Create ExtFS partition.

Then, apply operations with partitions.

Now the partitions will get created.

Lastly redistribute free space among Mac partitions.

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