Hard Disk Manager – An Ultimate Solution To Partition Mac Hard Drive

Brief Description About Mac OS and it’s Hard Disk

Mac OS is actually the computer operating system for Apple Computer’s Macintosh line of personal computers and workstations. Including a modular design intended to make it simpler for adding new features to the operating system in future, this OS has been notified running UNIX application along with several older Mac applications. Being highly reliable in nature, Mac OS do includes a hard drive of large space to store user’s large amount of vital data. Now though this hard drive works highly efficiently in storing the user’s data but yet over a certain period of time, scenarios evolves when the Mac hard drive becomes full and it becomes a requirement of the users to make purchasing of an extra external hard drive.

This new external hard drive has been notified requiring initialization as well as separate partition/volumes regarding storage of different categories of data such as songs, videos, movies etc. Likely this hard drive partition has also been notified playing crucial role in making the system able to run multiple operating systems at the same instant of time. Now this hard drive partition can get done via two means i.e., Boot Camp Assistant (i.e., a method utilized to set-up windows in a new partition) while the other is via Disk Utility (i.e., an option for partitioning Mac, utilizing distinct custom partition schemes).

For adding a new partition onto the hard drive utilizing the disk utility, one need to go to ‘Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility’. Then after make selection of the drive and tap ‘Partition’ tab. Now under ‘Volume Scheme’, users are required to provide various information such as volume name, size and number of partitions. Upon the completion of all this procedure, users are required to make selection of the correct partition scheme (i.e., GUID Partition Table/Master Boot Record/Apple Partition Map) as per their requirement.

Now although all these options provided by Apple works efficiently in formatting Mac, but can be quite hectic for majority of the users who do not have highly proficiency skills in computers. Furthermore, experts have notified most of the Mac users not considering Disk Utility a friendly application in partitioning Mac. So, if you are also one and encountering issues while partitioning Mac utilizing Disk Utility, then in that situation you are kindly advised to make usage of Hard Disk Manager as being programmed with number of highly efficient as well as enhance algorithmic skills, this utility has been referred as an ultimate solution to the Mac hard drive partition. Experts have notified the Hard Disk Manager furnishing the users with a simple as well as easy-to-use platform regarding creation or addition of new partitions to the Mac hard drive. Furthermore, the utility also furnishes the users with option to create a ready-to-use bootable disc, via which one can boot his/her system and make the partitions onto their start-up volume.

To Create/Add Mac Partition Utilizing Hard Disk Manager, Implement the Below Mentioned Steps :

  • Download and install Hard Disk Manager.
  • Run Hard Disk Manager. Here the main interface will lists all the hard drives attached to the system. The make
  • selection of the hard drive, in which new partition is to be created and tap ‘Add’ button from the tool bar.

Helpful Resource: https://support.apple.com/kb/PH22240?locale=en_US

Note : For creating a new partition onto the Boot Drive, the particular software prompts the users into creating a bootable disc, via which one can boot his/her system and make the required partition.

  • Now the ‘Add New Volume’ dialog box will get displayed. Here give the volume name and specify the volume size utilizing the slider. Tap the OK button.

  • Next, the new operation will get added to the ‘Task to do list. Tap ‘Start’ button on the tool bar for initializing the partition creation procedure.

  • Further a message box will get displayed along with a message to take back-up of the vital data before carrying out the procedure. Here tap ‘Continue’ for creating/adding the new partition.

  • A process completion message box will get displayed. Here the new partition in the drive will get displayed along with several other partitions.

Via the implementation of the above mentioned steps, the Mac hard drive will surely get partitioned. The Mac hard drive partition actually helps the users on large extent in working efficiently on system. However, because of several unfortunate scenarios such as operating system malfunction, file system corruption or various other similar reasons, this partition get corrupted and becomes completely inaccessible to the users. In these sort of situation it actually becomes very hectic for the users to access the data present on the Mac hard drive. This situation often becomes critical on such extent that it one cannot even format the partition. In this condition, users are left only with one solution i.e., deletion of the corresponding volume or partition before creating a fresh one.

Likely, this deletion is required at the time when there is requirement of increasing the size of a particular Mac volume/partition and no free spaces are left on the drive. Now although this particular Mac hard drive partition procedure can get carried out via Mac in-built utility namely Disk Utility but as mentioned above might be a hectic task. Thus, regarding this specific purpose it is kindly suggested to make usage of Hard Disk Manager as it has been proven beneficial for the rookie as well as expert user, for whom it is a bit non-affordable to pay much time and attention to the execution of these jobs.

Instructions On How To Use Hard Disk Manager To Delete Hard Drive Partition On Mac

  • Download and install Hard Disk Manager.
  • Execute Hard Disk Manager utility. The initial screen along with a brief about Hard Disk Manager will get open. Tap ‘Continue’ to go the main window.

  • Make selection of the hard drive from the left pane of the software and then from the top menu tap Delete button. Now the software will add the job into the ‘Task to do list’. Here tap ‘Start’ button for executing deletion operation.

  • A message window will pop-up along with a text to take proper backup of vital data before deleting Mac partition.

  • Next, tap ‘Continue’ and the procedure of deleting the partition on Mac will initiate.

  • Upon the completion of the entire process, the selected partition will get completely deleted from the Mac hard drive.

Paragon Hard Disk Manager Software

Paragon Hard Disk Manager for Mac has been referred as one of the most ideal system as well as data management solution for Mac. Being equipped with highly efficient features such as powerful backup and flexible recovery functions, this software has been labeled just perfect regarding partition, trustworthy data wiping algorithms and much more. Experts notifies this software a complete utility for hard disk management as it do includes potential of covering all the aspects of a Mac computer life cycle, beginning from drive partitioning and regular backup to system migration.

Instructions On How To Use Paragon Hard Disk Manager To Partition Mac Hard drive

  • Initially download and install Paragon Partition Hard Disk Manager. Now two tabs namely ‘Disks and Partitions’ and ‘Backup and Restore’ will appear. Select ‘Disks and partitions’.

  • Make selection Mac hard drive partitions to backup.

  • A window will appear stating “Enter a new label for the incremental backup”. Now input ‘Increment’.

  • Switch to ‘Backup and Restore’ archive database.

  • A list of Restore type will display. Here select either of the below mentioned restore scenario
  1. Restore to original location
  2. Restore any combination of disks or partitions to it’s original location.

  • Make selection of Mac partition to restore.

  • Create HFS+ partition << exFAT partition << ExtFS partition

  • Now implement operations with partitions.

  • The partitions will get created.

  • Finally at last redistribute free space among Mac hard drive partitions.

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