How to Change Partition Size

Mac Partition can get change in size in two ways i.e., via increasing it or via decreasing it.

To increase the Mac Partition size, follow the below listed steps :

  • Click the particular partition from the graphical view of the volume.

  • Manually drag down the slider from the bottom of the partition, upto the wanted size and then tap ‘Resize’.
  • Make selection of the particular Volume/Partition and the free spaces together from the graphical view of the interface. Tap ‘Resize’ icon on the tool bar.
  • Now the ‘Resize’ icon on getting tapped, opens up the ‘Resize Partition’ window. Further move the slider and specify the required volume size. Tap ‘OK’ and then resizing procedure will begin.
  • Lastly upon the completion of the resizing operation, the resized partition will automatically get mounted on the desktop.

To decrease the Mac Partition Size, implement the set forth steps :

  • Select the particular Mac partition, which is to get decrease.
  • Tap ‘Resize’. The resize procedure will get initiate.

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