How to Hide & Reveal Mac Partition

To hide Mac Partition, implement the below mentioned steps :

  • Initially ensure that the volume which is to get hide is mounted and visible in the Finder.
  • Now make a note of the chosen name of the volume.
  • Launch Terminal from /Application/Utilities or through the Spotlight.
  • Type the below mentioned command into the Terminal, replacing the ‘Drive Name’ with the name of your own respective volume which you noted before.

sudo SetFile -a V /Volumes/”Drive Name”

  • Enter the password at the time of being prompted.

  • Now, in Terminal, type ‘killall Finder‘. The volume will not get disappeared from the desktop. Nevertheless in reality it is still mounted. In order to verify this,open Disk Utility from /Applications/Utilities or through the
  • Spotlight and ensure that it is not greyed out in the sidebar. In the case of a Time Machine, one can also tell the volume is still mounted via performing a backup with the hidden volume.

As it is clear from the above screenshot, that the Time Machine is no longer on the desktop, but it is yet shown as mounted in the Disk Utility. The Time Machine Menu Bar icon is displaying a backup progress, as it is desired.