Resize Boot Camp Partition In Simple & Easy Steps

What is Boot Camp ?

Boot camp is an application which allows user of Intel-based Macintosh computers to run Microsoft Windows operating system. This wonderful program is a great achievement of Apple Inc. It is easy to install and use any Windows operating system along side of Mac system with the help of its multi-boot utility feature. Once the Boot camp utility is installed on the Mac hard drive, Mac system can be restarted to either using Mac OS X or Windows system. Having the Boot Camp feature on your Mac hard drive, you will be able to choose between these two operating system or use features of both.

In fact, this utility has enabled Mac users to use features of Windows operating system as well. As a result, Mac users do not need to have another Windows computer system to run the Windows. Thus, Boot Camp is undoubtedly an amazing idea to integrate computers in the world of Mac. Actually, Apple Inc is thinking to incorporate Boot Camp as a standard feature in the upcoming releases of Mac operating system. This will enable Mac users to learn more programs designed particularly for Windows-based computers.

Why To Resize Boot Camp Partition?

There are certain occasions where users want either more space in the Boot Camp partition or they just simply want to trim some extra space from it. Since there is no option available in the Disk Utility for resizing of Boot Camp, it is a major part of concern for many Mac users and is yet to be addressed by Apple.

Note : Before going for Boot Camp partition, it is advised to create backup of all your important data.

Steps To Resize Boot Camp Partition

  • Open up Boot Camp assistant via Application/Utilities.
  • Now, adjust the divider according to required size to create Windows partition. Also, you can either click on Divide Equality button to equally divide the entire Mac system into two halves. Or, clicking Use 32 GB button will also create Windows partition of exactly 32 GB size. Then, click on Partition button.
  • The partition for Windows is now created. Insert the disk for Windows installation and click on Start Installation button in Boot Camp Assistant.
  • Carefully select the partitions. So, choose partition named ‘C:Partition 3′. (in Vista, select Disk 0 Partition 3 BOOTCAMP’.
  • Then, Windows installation is completed and now insert the Mac OS X disk to install drivers. Restart Mac system.

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