Stellar Mac Partition Manager Reviews (Including Technical Aspects)

Every Operating System or platform nowadays requires efficient partition management regarding an easy organization of data and free space. This hard drive partitioning actually makes sense because of it’s potential of solving almost all the computer-associated issues and making the PC user’s experience a breeze. However, regarding this partition purpose, Mac OS do includes an inbuilt tool i.e., ‘Disk Utility’, enabling users to create partitions, format drive, create disk images etc. Now although being programmed with number of highly efficient technical skills, the tool works efficiently in partitioning Mac hard disk but yet as nothing in this world is completely perfect so same is the case with this utility also. It also lacks the needed competency regarding implementation of several enhanced partitioning operation. Thus, in this situation it would not be wrong to say that it is worth to have advanced software meeting the basic as well as complex requirements of Mac hard disk partition management.

One such software has been recommended here i.e., Stellar Mac Partition Manager. Being equipped with an intelligent engine along with a fault-minimizing interface it has been especially designed for the purpose of performing a safe as well as risk-free partitioning tasks without any sort of data loss. It’s because of it’s such efficient features has been referred a complete package for a non-destructive partition editing. Experts have notified this particular software capable of carrying out all the basic partitioning tasks such as creating, deleting , formatting and resizing Mac partitions.

Note : Stepwise solution on the execution of all these operations have been mentioned below.

Nevertheless this application suggests the users to backup their respective data before working on the boot drive, preventing them from any sort of data loss. It besides from all this, furnishes the users with option to add multiple tasks in a lost to execute batch operation. The software additionally includes option to view tasks in the ‘Task to Do’ list which can get utilized by the users to roll back or undo the last selection before executing the action.

Stellar Mac Partition Manager supports managing & resizing boot camp partitions, HFS, NTFS and FAT file systems. It furthermore includes an unique feature namely hide/reveal. This feature has been reported applicable at the instant of time when one has to hide any partition on his/her Mac hard drive invisible from undesired users. However, on the opposite the reveal option helps one to mount an invisible or hidden partition. The software along with all this, furnishes the users with an excellent customer support on 24×5 basis. This is actually beneficial to the users in a case if they do have a bad experience with any product. One can easily make usage of this particular software as it do includes a highly intuitive user interface.

Instructions On How To Use Stellar Mac Partition Manager To Create Mac Hard Drive Partition

  • Download and install Stellar Mac Partition Manager.
  • Run Stellar Mac Partition Manager software. Now it’s main interface will get appeared listing all the hard drive attached to the system. Here, make selection of hard drive, in which new partition is to be created and then tap ‘Add’ button from the tool bar.

  • The ‘Add New Volume’ dialog box will get displayed. Here the volume name and specify the volume size utilizing the slider. Tap OK button.

  • Further the new operation will get added to the ‘Task to do’ list. Now tap ‘Start’ button on the tool bar for initiating the partition creation procedure.

  • A message box will get displayed along with a message to take back-up of the user’s vital data before carrying out the procedure. Here tap ‘Continue’ to create/add the new partition.

  • Finally at last, upon the completion of the entire procedure, a message box will get displayed. Here one can see the new partition in the drive along with several other partitions.

Mac Partition Deletion

Stellar Mac Partition Manager software has been referred highly beneficial in removing or deleting Mac partitions. Being equipped with tons of algorithmic skills, the software do includes potential of enabling users to delete any undesired partition or volume from the Mac hard drive for allowing the Mac OS to mark the deleted partition as free and one can utilize it efficiently in creating a new partition.

Stepwise Solution On How To Make Use Of Stellar Mac Partition Manager To Delete Mac Partitions

  • Run Stellar Mac Partition Manager software. The initial screen along with a brief about Stellar Mac Partition Manager software will get open. Tap ‘Continue’ to go to the main window.

  • Make selection of hard drive from the left pane of the softwares and now from the top menu, tap Delete button.┬áThe utility will itself adds the tasks into the ‘Task to do’ list. Here tap ‘Start’ button for performing the deletion procedure.

  • Next, a message window will pop up along with a text to take proper backup of the vital data before eradicating Mac partition.

  • Tap ‘Continue’ for initializing the Mac partition deletion procedure.

  • Finally, upon the completion of the procedure, the selection partition will get completely deleted from the Mac hard drive.

Mac Partition Formatting

Stellar Mac Partition Manager utility is a highly beneficial as well as an easy-to-use software regarding Mac hard drive/volume formatting. It via it’s highly interactive graphical user interface helps the users who unfortunately do encounter issues in formatting volumes with Disk Utility.

Stepwise Solution on How To Format Mac Volume Utilizing Stellar Mac Partition Manager

  • Run Stellar Mac Partition Manager utility. The interface will list all the attached drives in the system.
  • Make selection of the drive in which partition formatting operation is to be held. This will graphically show all the volumes/partitions in the middle pane of the interface.
  • Choose the particular Volume/Partition and then tap ‘Format’.
  • Now an operation will get added to the ‘Task to do’ list. Here tap ‘Start’ button on the toolbar for beginning formatting operation.
  • Further, a message box will get pop-up suggesting users to must take the backup of their vital data before carrying out formatting procedure. Tap ‘Continue’ to format.
  • Lastly, upon the completion of this procedure, the refreshed partition will get ready to use.

Mac Partition Resizing

Stellar Mac Partition Manager software supports Mac users in resizing Mac partition safely without any sort of data loss.

Steps To Resize Mac Partition

Run Stellar Mac Partition Manager software and make selection of the disk, in which the volume/partition size is to get increased or decreased.

Instructions on How To Increase Partition Size

First of all tap the particular Partition/Volume from the graphical view of the volumes and then implement either of the below mentioned options :

  1. Manually drag down the slider from the bottom of the partition, up to the desired size and then tap ‘Resize’.
  2. Make selection of the particular Volume/Partition and the free space altogether from the graphical view of the interface. Now tap ‘Resize’ icon on the tool bar.
  3. Once the ‘Resize’ icon get tapped, the ‘Resize Partition’ window will appear. Now move the slider and then specify the required volume size. Tap ‘OK’ to initiate the resizing procedure.
  4. Lastly after the completion of the resizing operation, the resized partition will automatically get mounted on the desktop.

Instructions on How To Decrease Partition Size

  • Make selection of the particular Mac partition, which is to get decrease.
  • Tap ‘Resize’. This will start the resizing procedure.


Many many thanks!! Stellar Mac Partition Manager has really helped me out in liberating some of my Mac hard disk space. I was actually requiring it badly as I was in need of little amount of extra space in my hard disk to store my downloads as well as several other files. Being embedded with numerous of highly advanced algorithmic skills, this software also supported me a lot in editing, deleting or merging extra space. Via this software one can easily control the division and can have planned partitions in his/her Mac.

It would actually not be wrong to claim Stellar mac partition manager a highly efficient software which has helped around million of Mac users in successfully partitioning their respective hard drive. Aside from all it’s beneficial features, it’s tendency of furnishing the Mac users with 24×7 customer service has been labeled the best.

Pros of Stellar mac partition manager

  • Stellar mac partition manager furnishes the users with numerous recovery modes for dealing with distinct data loss scenarios.
  • The ‘Create Image’ feature is highly beneficial and convenient.
  • Software supports a large number of file formats as well as various storage media.
  • Being equipped with ‘Preview’ feature, this software enables Mac users to gauge no matter whether the files are recoverable or not.

Cons of Stellar mac partition manager

  • The ‘Resume Recovery’ option has been notified buggy.
  • Software is little expensive.
  • The scanning procedure is a bit time consuming process while under several recovery modes.

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